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How does it work?

Workout Plan

Receive workout plans from your team coach or individually from drillstars AI

Training with Feedback

Execute your structured workouts with instant feedback and have fun


Compare your skills with your team mates and other players around the world

Football Soccer Player Individual Workout Plan
Jonglieren mit Ball drillstars Trainingsplan
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Team Calendar

Individual Workouts

☆ Receive drills for ball technique, fitness, endurance and speed


☆ drillstars AI counts and analyzes

Team Practice 



☆ Participation Status – Opt in/ out for next team practice and update your availability

☆ See Match Details, such as meeting/game time and game location


match details kick off time drillstars

Ball Technique

Math Dribbling

☆ Get a better feel for the ball

☆ Train your periphery vision, while dribbling a ball with your head up

☆ Break records and challenge your teammates

☆ Show your skills in leaderboards

Lunges drillstars counting reps



AI Feedback

☆ You workout and we do the counting

☆ We give you feedback on your performance

☆ Gamified drills, such as skippings with a virtual target

What Players say

drillstars is such a great app. We get all our workouts and match dates through the app from our coach. Workouts and drills are challenging and fun. And the best thing I got faster and better with ball control, since I am using the app.
Eric Plattensteiner platti21
Eric Plattensteiner
Player, 29 years
drillstars helps me to workout besides team practice and gives me a better fitness level. I also like the different way of drills you can do. I have never seen math equations while dribbling a ball. Team leaderboards are such a fun way to compare with teammates.
Sam Thompson
Player, 16 years

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