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How drillstars works?

Team Management

Create team
Adjust team calendar
Invite players and share calendar
Players create their profiles

Workout Plans

New team exercises
Innovative drills for individual workouts
Players receive instant feedback

Reports and Stats

Reports and stats about your team's performance
Set goals and measure achievements

Team Management

Team Calendar

☆ Matches, Team Practice and Individual Workouts

☆ Customizable training days and elements

☆ Share the calendar with your players (automatic synchronization when you as coach make changes)

Manage Your Team

☆ Name + club emblem

☆ Performance

☆ Season phase

☆ Age group

☆ Invite new players

Team Management with Calendar, Stats, Players

Training Plans

Team Practice

☆ Training Plan with focus, such as pressing, scoring, passing or transition

☆ Participation lists – See all players’ opt ins/ outs for next team practice to be able to plan easier.

Individual Player Workouts

☆ Outsource certain training elements in a smart way

☆ Endurance, Fitness, Ball Technique, Speed, Kinetics

☆ drillstars AI counts and analyzes

Team Practice, AI Workouts, Matches in Calendar

Endurance Runs with AI Verification

1. Coach

endurance run pace run drillstars

☆ Selects a day in the calendar and decides on an endurance session outside of the actual weekly team practices on the pitch. 

☆ Chooses from time, distance or pace endurance runs and decide on the targets to achieve.


2. Players


☆ Can see the endurance run with their coach’s targets on drillstars.

☆ Use their familiar, own running apps for endurance tracking. 

☆ Then upload the running activity to drillstars.


3. drillstars

☆ AI automatically extracts the information of the running activity screenshot.


4. Coach


☆ Receives an overview of the running activity per player.

☆ Receives an overview of the overall team running activity, including leaderboard and further stats.

Ball Technique

Player Workouts 


Dribbling Drills

☆ Your players set up their phone/pad anywhere and can start their workouts

☆ Players can work on their ball technique and cognitive skills 

☆ Players can challenge each other and add their scores to leaderboards

☆ Give your players a fun and structured way for their individual workouts and see results quickly 

What Coaches say

Managing team calendar with trainings and matches is so easy now. Players just update their availabilities.
drillstars suggests new exercises to me, which motivates both my players and myself.
Organizing practice days on the pitch or off the pitch is super easy now with drillstars.
Semir Babajić
Coach - U12
With drillstars, I can now manage my team more effectively than ever before, I can outsource time-intensive endurance exercises and use players' stats on-demand to improve my match day decisions.
My players are in better shape and are having a lot of fun comparing each other in ball technique and endurance performance.
Martin Braier
Coach - Men

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