Team Practice

We help you plan your team practice with a pool of exercises that are based on your team's age group, season phase, skill level and training focus.

Share the team calendar with your players and you will also receive player participation lists for matches and team practices.

Team Practice, AI Workouts, Matches in Calendar


☆ Define your practice focus – Pressing, Defense, Passing, Transition, Scoring, Offense


☆ Select exercises for warmup, main parts, applied part, cool down


☆ Replace exercises as you need. Change duration and available players amount


☆ Get an animation of the exercise to see the setup and procedure


☆ Define series, series time and pause time for exercise


☆ Receive coaching tipps, required equipment and minimum players amount

Team Practice Exercise 3 on 3 Duells
Scribble Tactics Board for Soccer Football Coach


☆ Use a tactics / scribble board to create your own exercises and strategies


☆ Draw Arrows, Lines, Shapes to illustrate your tactics to your players


☆ Use equipment elements, such as ball, cone, player offense, player defense 


☆ Share team calendar with matches, team practices and individual workouts with your players


☆ Players can opt-in or opt-out for matches, team practices and receive feedback for individual workouts


☆ Get a participation list of players that confirmed to show up for team practice. 

Players Participation List for Team Practice and Matches